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2008 Photo Gallery

Hot Rod Power Tour 2008
Friday, June 6
Arkansas State Fairgrounds, Little Rock, AR

“No Pork Barrel Politics Here!”

There’s nothing like being prepared.

Too bad I’m not.

After an uneventful plane ride (the best kind) put me into Little Rock at noon, and as I stepped out of the airport terminal I immediately lost all vision — seems as though the humidity was higher than the temperature! The 90º heat made my sunglasses fog-over, rendering me blind to all the goings-on.

Arkansas State Fairgrounds

Once my eyes cleared-up I headed to the Arkansas State Fairgrounds which looked rather, uh, empty.

Arkansas State Fairgrounds

The hard-working guys on the Mothers® rig were, well, working hard. I thought I’d pitch-in and pull my fair share of the load, but they decided I was better-off saving my energies for important things like drinking bottles of water, and they sent me on my way. Set-up seemed to go faster when I was drinking water for some reason.

With little else to do, I offered to pick up Ken and Shane at the airport and take them back to the hotel, where we arrived to see hundreds of cars rumbling down President Clinton Boulevard — an event known as Cruiseapalooza, the precursor to the Power Tour kick-off.

Downtown Little Rock, Arkansas AR

Saving gas (sure to be a major topic of the Tour this year), we walked down toward the cars, restaurants and sounds of Cruiseapalooza.

With cars spread all over the riverfront and music in the background, it was almost easy to ignore the humidity.

Chevy Hot Rod

Whether your tastes ran towards donkin’ Chevys,

Vintage Ford
Fastback Mustang Racer - Race Car

or vintage racers,

there was a car there for you. (Vintage Ford Fastback Mustang)

Tricycle Race

As we found out, when the music stopped, the real fun started. Not exactly a cake walk, or a walk in the park; a real, honest to goodness tricycle race.

Tricycle Race Trophy

Yep, that’s right. The NATRL (North American Tricycle Racing League) made a stop in Little Rock and all the big names were there competing for the Holy Grail of tricycle racing — “Big Red.”

The Piston Cup from Disney’s “Cars” pales in comparison.

Gilled Salads

We stopped for a great meal at The Flying Fish, where EVERYTHING is grilled or fried, including the salads

Billy Bass Adoption

and where they care for all the old, unwanted Billy Basses...

Phone Booth

On our way back to the hotel, the youngest of us, Shane, found a small building he had never seen the likes of,

so Ken patiently explained how back in the last millenium, folks stepped into one of these to call other people using a coin and turning your finger in a circular motion.

Kids these days.

Shane with

Shane is really into alternative means of transportation these days. He found one that didn’t consume gas, though it could generate its own gas.

Of course, with a three bean burrito Shane can, too.

Electric Trolly Car

And thanks to Google, he learned this large transporter that went “clang, clang, clang,” was known as a trolley.

Pork Barrel Statue

Little Rock can be proud of the way they’ve revitalized their downtown riverfront. I’ll bet it was no pork barrel project.

They went whole hog.


Today (Friday), oil closed at a new high, increasing almost $11 a barrel. Will the Power Tour be emasculated, everyone driving 40 miles-per-hour to eek out a few more miles per gallon? Or will the crowd take to smaller means of conveyance?

We’ll find out in the morning when we head back over the the Fairgrounds.

Your humble and obedient servant,

Forrest Tosie
Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

Hot Rod Power Tour 2008 Official Wax

2008 Cruise Night Schedule

Saturday, June 7
Arkansas State Fairgrounds
Little Rock, AR

Sunday, June 8
Missouri Entertainment and
Event Center
Springfield, MO

Monday, June 9
Heartland Park
Topeka, KS

Tuesday, June 10
Nebraska State Fair Park
Lincoln, NE

Wednesday, June 11
Iowa State Center
Ames, IA

Thursday, June 12
Rochester Community &
Technical College
Rochester, MN

Friday, June 13
The Alliant Energy Center
Madison, WI

Saturday, June 14
The Alliant Energy Center
Madison, WI

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